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Driven by a burning
passion for perfection

with a clear understanding of marketing strategies for a wide range of premier companies
who share my zeal for success

At this strongtype heart
quest continues using the
latest technology while working

more muscle
into marketing

through a unique mix of

strengths: unbound creative mindset, emotional fervor with technical capabilities.

The result has been an ever growing body of results-oriented work that totally involves target audiences on both mental and

emotional levels for greater
participation motivation.

The goal is to lead in marketing

communications and design principles that remain true
to its core ideal, the pursuit
of quality in business aspects

to the work, to the service,
to the client-pleasing result
in their marketplaces.

Over This combination

with design leadership,
workflow production,

technology solutions
and management

ensures a consistent
level of quality and
strong service from

project to project.

Over the years,
have developed a
network of resources
that represent the
finest talent in their
areas of expertise.


Vast resurces are always
on diplay related to
literature and themes
for an elementary level reading program.

Each poster encourages students to exercise their critical creative thinking skills
and initiate writing.

Original visual storytelling art
were dream up
by prominent illustrators.

Each poster allows teachers to choose from a wide variety of instructional assignments with literary generated interactivity challenges.

Recognizes that
every company
has unique needs and requirements,

Richard Puder
takes an individual focus. Factors such
as account costs and
approval process

are worked into
the best procedural course of action for greater efficiency
with full team participation.

The result is a
partnership working

toward the same strategic planning

goals and objectives

staying within budget

and staying on schedule.

A seasoned creative
able to respond with

a high degree of cost
economies and flexibility